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April 7, 2008

Connecting with PJ

As nonprofits’ online news and resource partner, the Philanthropy Journal strives to be easy to use and reach.

If you need us or have questions about who we are or what we do, visit the “About” page on our redesigned website at

There you will find a list of our staff, including short bios and contact information for each PJ staff member.

You also will find information about how to advertise on PJ and in our email newsletters, how to become a sponsor, how to subscribe to our email newsletters, and how to sign up for automatic updates about news and other articles we publish.

You can subscribe to our free email newsletters, including the weekly “News Briefing” and the biweekly “Resources + Jobs”.

Delivered each Monday, “News Briefing” features links to news stories on our site, and to “In Brief” announcements about nonprofit people and organizations, and charitable gifts and grants.

Delivered every other Wednesday, “Resources + Jobs” features links to how-to articles about charitable fundraising and giving, management and leadership, and marketing and communications.

You also can subscribe to email alerts about PJ special events, including our online webinars and our Lunch ‘n’ Learn workshops.

And you can read what readers say about us, see the answers to questions that readers frequently ask, and sign up for RSS feeds that will automatically alert you when we publish news and how-to articles on our site.

Our redesigned website builds on our news roots but also reflects our effort to address the preference our readers have voiced for more information to help them do their job as nonprofit professionals.

Please let us know how we can serve you better, and please let your colleagues know about PJ.


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