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March 17, 2008

PJ expands website for nonprofits

Think of the Philanthropy Journal as the nonprofit world’s online newsstand and help-desk.

After months of work, PJ in February launched a redesigned website at that delivers more news and resources for the charitable marketplace.

We also have designed and organized the site to make the information we publish easier to find and use.

The new site offers expanded news coverage of nonprofits and charitable giving, along with more how-to articles and information about fundraising and giving, nonprofit management and leadership, and nonprofit marketing and communications.

In addition to news articles, the site features announcements about charitable gifts and grants, and about people and organizations in the nonprofit world, as well as calendars of fundraising events and professional-development conferences, workshops and networking sessions.

And we publish listings of jobs that nonprofits are trying to fill.

PJ is free to readers, who also can sign up for free email newsletters and email alerts about online webinars and Lunch ‘n’ Learn workshops that PJ offers.

For the next few weeks, this blog will walk readers through the new site, looking at ways we have expanded and reorganized the news and resources we deliver.

We want your feedback: Please use the “Post a Comment” feature at the end of this blog to let us know what you think about our new site.


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