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February 20, 2007

Growing pains

Nonprofits in the U.S. are big business, and the finances of charitable nonprofits in particular are growing much faster than the national economy, PJ reports today.

PJ also reports this week that as the nonprofit sector matures and expands, a new breed of leader will be important to its success.

The growth of the sector and the leadership challenges it faces are particularly critical in the face of a growing crisis in executive burnout and turnout, tracked in recent study.

Nonprofit boards and their funders need to move fast to address this critical challenge.

Bush at war against nonprofits?

A professor of service learning at Goucher Colleges says in an opinion column in The Baltimore Sun that the Bush administration's proposed 2008 is the newest ammo in a conservative war against nonprofits.

What is needed, he says, is for Congress to set a new progressive agenda to strengthen civic life and commit the government to solving problems the private sector cannot handle.


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